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Yen Gan was founded in 1991, specializes in manufacturing gas stove head, switches, gas stove switch is a professional manufacturer, has 20 years of professional experience, specializing in the production of various types of needle, Hancock, who while, gas, fluid switch cock cum all kinds of precision parts production, in 1996 began using CNC automated machinery manufacturing all kinds of gas stove parts and a variety of sophisticated technology. 2002 Powder metallurgy sector investment processing market, where cite material powder metallurgy parts, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, and other difficult to machine processing, production of the product contains the lock button, auto bearing gear, woodworking machines and tools, pneumatic tools, etc. high quality, high precision, trusted by customers, and the company is the world's major OEM switch stoves and spare parts, product marketing in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Australia, South Africa, Japan and China, welcomed the stoves plant and traders work together to develop the market.

▲ 20 CNC lathe: Maximum machine is 8 inches, can be processed Φ250mm the workpiece.
▲ 3 sets of CNC milling machine: max bench to one meter and a switching desktops.
▲ 16 sets of drilling equipment.